Terms of use & Terms of Service

Note: Our main function of Game Masters and Game Assistants is to keep the community happy.
[GM]s & [GA]s main occupation is to handle help ingame, tickets and people in need.

To play on Rattos Online, you have to agree with our rules, these rules were made to have a nice and fair play.
Its role is also to punish players with wrong behavior. If you break any rule your account may end banned.

I. Warning/Ban actions will be taken for the following reasons:

  • Global chat & General chat insulting
    • Insulting
    • Racism, disrespecting other cultures.
    • Making fun and mocking of people in an unproperly way.
    • Spam global chat in local language with nonsence "ShitChat"
    • Players who already got warned before and continue provoking the rules will be banned without warning.
  • Note: Main langauge on Rattos Online is english.
    • Globals with local langauge in any kind of discussion.
    • Ruining official server/staff events.
    • Continuous spam about bans/actions the staff has taken.
    • Racism with any kind of situation by words,names...etc

II. Direct Ban without warning! punishment duration begins from 7 days.
  • Abusing or being involved in abusing the CTF (capture the flag) system to farm ingame items.
  • Multiple chars inside Rattos Online Boss rooms "you allowed to use 2 clients only".
  • Outside buffing without cap in pvp area
  • Cheating at WarEvent
  • Insulting religions
  • Insult, disrespect for an official staff member
  • Abusing or being involved in abusing arena events
  • Insulting a staff member or event or the server itself
  • MultiClient at arena
  • Abusing ingame events and quests.

III. Permanently ban without warning for the following reasons:
  • Ignoring 3 previous warnings
  • Selling/buying/trading gold for real money
  • Selling/buying/trading accounts, items for real money
  • Any kind of exchange from Rattos Online to another server or the other way around
  • Impersonating the identity of a GM/GA or any staff member.(Associated characters will be banned)
  • Mentioning/advertising other private servers in Rattos Online
  • Trying to trick GMs into lost item cases and spamming about it on the tickets or ingame
  • Being involved in hacking/scamming or anything in that direction
  • Impersonating other players such as fakenames
  • Threatening our staff with any kind of situation
  • Spreading false information about our team such as corruption and no fair play
  • Spreading false information about ingame updates, or any kind of information about the server
  • Spamming scam sites or spamming in town

  • Whenever we say "the ban is final" it means that our decision will not change!
  • Players punshiment will be according to his punshiment history. [warning-normal-permemant]
  • Opening multiple chars inside job temple in order to do the Rattos Online quest and farm rewards is completely forbidden
  • Farming any kind of Rattos Online quests or in-game events is completely forbidden [CTF-Arena-WarEvent...etc]
  • Keep spaming insults to the same person in personal messages inside the game for harrasment or annoying from multi accounts is completely forbidden
  • Any kind of bugs discovered by any player are completely forbidden and will lead to ban specially players who abuse doing it instead of reporting.

Our staff reserves the right to change, modify or update these rules at any time without notification.
It is your responsibility to remain updated our rules

- Privacy and Policy.

  • For security reasons its forbidden to share your account. Account sharing always ends in hacking. We will never support you if you got hacked due to sharing your account information because its simply your own responsibility

  • Do not click on unknown URLs/Links which may be sent over globals or via private messages. those sites are quite often phishing websites who are trying to gain access to your account to steal your gold and items. Do not become a victim of fraud, never enter your account information on these websites, Also our staff members will NEVER ask for your account login details.

  • We will not support anybody if you have any problems because you bought or sold something for real money.

  • If you needed to do ingame deal/trade you have to ask for an official Middleman. Official Middlemen have a MiddleMan yellow title beside his/her name. We will not support you if you got scammed due to trusting any other player and shared your item with him.

  • Rattos Technology GmbH

  • Bahnof Street .33

  • 65428 Rüsselsheim

  • Germany

  • Telephone: +4917640770088

  • E-Mail: [email protected]